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In the late 1990s, Canada established a set of Guidelines that set forth basic child support amounts, the idea for which was to reduce conflict, encourage resolution, and ensure equal treatment of spouses. In most cases, the parents simply followed the Guidelines and agreed upon support payments.
Posted by Rick Bickhram on 11.15.16 in Family Law. (ON)
Drug Injury Watch: Is Eliquis A Safe Alternative To Warfarin For Patients On Dialysis?
Posted by Tom Lamb on 11.4.16 in Personal Injury.
Drug Injury Watch: No Clinical Trials Comparing The Safety Of Eliquis To Xarelto Done Yet
Posted by Tom Lamb on 10.28.16 in Personal Injury.
If you’ve been hurt in a car accident, bitten by someone else’s dog, or sustained injuries in a slip and fall incident on someone else’s property, you may have the grounds to file a personal injury lawsuit. The article below will guide you through the stages of filling a personal injury case and what to expect.
Posted by Marc Grossman on 10.25.16 in Articles. (NY)
Drug Injury Watch: Viagra - Melanoma MDL Might Include Cialis Lawsuits And Levitra Cases
Posted by Tom Lamb on 10.20.16 in Personal Injury.
This article describes a loop-hole that exists in Tennessee residential real estate transactions, specifically how the required disclosure statement can be avoided by the seller of real estate.
Posted by Ronald Nevin on 10.17.16 in Real Estate. (TN)
Contraband seized during a warrantless search of a motor vehicle was admissible because there was probable cause to believe that the vehicle contained contraband and exigent circumstances that justified the search.
Posted by Joseph Shemaria on 10.14.16 in Criminal Law.
Drug Injury Watch: Risk of Hepatitis B Reactivation Associated With Gleevec And Iclusig
Posted by Tom Lamb on 10.12.16 in Personal Injury.
Black-Box Warning For Harvoni, Sovaldi, Viekira Pak: Hepatitis B Risk
Posted by Tom Lamb on 10.7.16 in Personal Injury.
Drug Injury Watch: September 2016 Savaysa Label Change Points Out There Is Still No Antidote
Posted by Tom Lamb on 10.4.16 in Personal Injury.